Regis Jesuit High School

Regis Jesuit High School provides a single-gender educational experience by operating as two divisions—the Boys Division and the Girls Division. Each has its own leadership team with a division head who reports to a single principal. There are also several cross-divisional administrators helping to ensure that both academic and affective programming is delivered campus-wide with equity and efficacy for all students. As such Regis Jesuit is able to provide its students with the best of both worlds—a primarily single-gender academic environment inside the classroom with numerous opportunities for students to serve, pray, study and socialize together outside the classroom.

ASC Volunteers serve in both divisions and usually teach two to three sections each semester. They are also called on to support the school’s efforts outside the classroom, helping with clubs, athletics and pastoral, service and other events. The volunteers assigned to Regis Jesuit live together in the same community.