Arrupe Jesuit High School







Arrupe Jesuit High School serves the economically disadvantaged and the racially and culturally diverse youth of Denver’s central city neighborhoods through a Corporate Work-Study model common to “Cristo Rey schools”. ASC volunteers participate fully in the life of the school through classroom teaching, tutoring individual students, driving the school bus, coaching sports, moderating clubs, yearbook, newspaper, community service projects, retreats, etc. Teaching opportunities (depending on the volunteer’s background) include: computer applications, public speaking, pre-algebra, study skills, and team-teaching with an experienced faculty member in any subject.

Arrupe volunteers live in a small house across the street from school. Although a majority of Arrupe students come from Hispanic households, ASC Volunteers sent to Arrupe do not need to be bilingual (English-Spanish). ASC volunteers at Arrupe help to make Jesuit education accessible to young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity. The school is small (300 boys and girls), so teachers get to know the students well and help them navigate the challenges of growing up in impoverished neighborhoods. ASC Volunteers at Arrupe have the unique opportunity of helping a new Jesuit high school to build on the tradition of St. Ignatius that has animated Jesuit education for centuries.

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