Time: The Ultimate Gift

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Timing is everything.  It’s a phrase we hear so often and yet so much of our effort seems to be an attempt at controlling, extending, or changing the timing of different events in our lives.  De Smet Jesuit High School (St. Louis, MO) has been in school for just over a month, and I am amazed at the different ways that time has presented itself.

Time is a friend when the last five minutes of English class allows sophomores to debate about a character’s morality in a short story and then relate it to their lives.

Time is an enemy during non-stop school days leading into late night lesson planning sessions when no amount of coffee or goldfish seems to be enough.

Time is kind when it allows for a slow revelation of my personality to my students, and giving them the space and courage to do the same in return.

Time is cruel when business and stress keep me from being able to dedicate myself to everything I would like.

Time pauses when your community members take it out of their night to drive you to get frozen yogurt when you feel like your heart is breaking.

Time is generous during the four-minute passing periods in the hallway when I hear “Hey Ms. B, how’s it goin?”

Time really is everything.

Coming home from joining other faculty and senior leaders on Ascent, De Smet’s sophomore retreat, I find myself reflecting on the homily that Fr. Burshek gave the group during Sunday night’s mass.  Although he acknowledged that Kairos was a retreat they hadn’t yet experienced, he reminded us that the essence of the translation of the word is “God’s time”.  Kairos simply refers to the opportune time. That somehow everyone is brought together for a reason at a specific moment of intentionality and purpose.

The ASC experience thus far has been more challenging and more rewarding than I could have imagined, and I can honestly say that I believe we are living in the ultimate opportune moment.  The amazing people and experiences that I have encountered have shown me the true meaning of Kairos and love, and I know that none of it is an accident.

Time is moving quickly.  We may feel like we don’t have enough. But as the season begins to change, there is no doubt that it is the ultimate gift.

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