Thank You!

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The girls are back in sandals, the snowcapped mountains appear less white with each passing day, prom (HARRY POTTER THEMED, AHH) is just around the corner . . . . Spring is here at Regis Jesuit High School – Girls Division (Denver, CO).

With the changing of seasons comes not only the warm breeze and sunny skies, but also the sense that our ASC year is coming to an end. What an adventure it has been.

Each day at Regis Jesuit High School, we pray the Examen. We review the day, reflecting on where God has been present, where we have fallen short, and look forward to the rest of the day.

Finding that peace and place of rest, having that regular check-in with myself and with God has been a life-giving exercise for me this year. However, I sometimes have a hard time sitting still and quieting myself during those designated 5 minutes. Instead, I have found that my Daily Examen occurs during one of the most hectic times of day: lunch.

Lunch can be terrifying. I am a fish swimming upstream to meet Estefany at the attendance desk for our lunch duty, dodging girls who are just shy of breaking out into a full-on sprint for the cafeteria (especially on Chick-fil-A days).

When I reach the shelter and protection of the attendance box, I am welcomed by Estefany’s smile and contagious laugh. We chat with seniors signing in and out for lunch. Sometimes we are surprised by a visit from Mike and Ryan. We tell each other about our day: both the great parts and the times when we completely messed up. And, as first year teachers, we have plenty of those stories to look back and laugh on. I leave the desk feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the rest of the day.

And in these final weeks of school, I find it appropriate to exercise a more expansive Examen, an Examen of my year at Regis Jesuit High School and those who have been a companion on this journey:

My Regis Jesuit Community: Mike, Ryan, Estefany, Fr. Jeff Harrison, S.J., Fr. Tom Rochford, S.J., Fr. Bob Sullivan, S.J., Fr. John Craig, S.J., and Chris Kellerman, S.J…

Dr. Pete Musso, Fr. Drew Kirschman, S.J., and Fr. Vincent Giacabazi, S.J…

All the crazy members of ASC Cohort 25…

My PE department, the pastoral office, and the Regis Jesuit faculty…

And the Regis Jesuit girls who have let me participate in their sisterhood and witness some of the most incredible young women being formed in the Jesuit worldview….

With my deepest gratitude, thank you.

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