The Spirit of Gratitude

I hope I have come to find you, the reader, on a blessed and optimal day. In my reflection today, I would like to point out some individuals that make Rockhurst High School (Kansas City, MO) such a meaningful place … Continue reading

Toward Reconciliation

Greta Gerwig’s hit film, Lady Bird, opens with a montage of daily life at a Catholic high school, from morning prayer, to uniformed teens, to a monotone “And also with you” at an early-2000s all-school Mass—a scene familiar to anyone … Continue reading

Assembling the ASC Puzzle

Recently, Fr. Bill Sheahan, SJ, interim president of Rockhurst High School (Kansas City, MO), encouraged members of our Social Studies Department to offer our students extra credit if they went to hear former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell … Continue reading