The Number Six: An ASC Reflection

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The number “6” has four factors, 1, 2, 3, and 6.

6 is equal to its factors added together, 1+2+3=6 hence making it a perfect number.

All of its factors (including itself) added together and divided by two equal 6: ((1+2+3+6)/2=6)

This is a special number.

6 has been the perfect number to describe what my St. Louis ASC community has meant to me. The factors are similarly important in order to make 6: There are 6 people who live in the 1 house (6*1) where groups of 2 depart to 3 schools (2*3) every day from a house, ironically with a 3 on the front door.

Each individual of the 6 has a vibrant personality which meshes with each of the others in different ways.  How many ways?  Well, this number can be found by using the combination formula – where order matters.

In fact, there is a magnificent combination of 57 ways that we can be together in groups of two, three, four, five or six. Why is this magnificent? Well, since there is only ONE way that the six of us can be together, 1/57, this occurrence is very special and unique when it happens. The other 56 combinations of gatherings are also important and each of us have strong relationships among those sub groups, but it brings different experiences than the mighty collective six does. I think that when we do things as a full six, this is what it means to live in community – a perfect number of six.

At first, six seemed like too many people to keep track of. It was intimidating and overwhelming thinking of living with five guys I had never met. I knew I wanted to be part of it though, almost taking part in some sort of social experiment. Each of us come from different places, have had different life experiences and have vibrant personalities, but I soon realized at the end of the day, we all sleep under the same roof and have much more in common than I could have ever imagined. As we each individually grew in our roles at our schools, we also grew in the relationships we have formed together as a community and as friends. There is never a dull moment: we get ghost phone calls, we laugh, we battle zombies, we debate, we share meals, we eat ice cream, we stand in teacher solidarity and ultimately we support each other in 57 different ways.

This community has challenged me to grow by helping me develop a new knowledge on topics and perspectives I was not familiar with. It has brought comfort through the discomfort. Grateful to ASC for this community of six: DeSluLa.


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