I’mma Let You Finish…

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Photo Credit:  Kip Koech

Photo Credit: Kip Koech

I’mma Let You Finish…But We’re One of the Best ASC Communities of All Time

If you talk to a member of ASC 23 it will probably come up naturally in conversation after about five minutes that we are the best ASC year this province has ever seen. What’s more, we’ll say with assurance, ASC 23 is the Michael Jordan of ASC years.

If you’re wondering how such greatness came about, it happened in much the same way that Michael Jordan came to be the greatest NBA player of all time. MJ rose to the top because of individual effort and random circumstance. Jordan himself emphasized his effort. His voice in our culture has become synonymous with the belief that hard work and intelligence and a refusal to give up are paramount for success. And they are. But Jordan was also 6’6” and weighed 216 pounds and had a 48” vertical leap.

What I’m really talking about is intentionality.  Yes, we all have worked hard to achieve community bonds, both in our small communities and in the program at large. It’s good to go to Mass and eat dinner and (maybe?) play Settlers of Catan together. But a lot of what happens is unintentional. Probably ninety-nine percent of what happens is unintentional. The cities we lived in as kids, the people in our family, the year we were born: all of this has nothing to do with our intentions. If we do not acknowledge the ninety-nine percent of each other’s lives over which none of us has control, then we will expect too much of each other. We will lack respect for each other. If we examine too closely the one percent of things we can control, we will keep score, and we are always biased in our own favor. We need to recognize that community is a gift, and then to maintain that gift with our own one percent.

If we fail to acknowledge that ninety-nine percent, we run the risk of being Kanye-West-in-public (read arrogant) instead of Kanye-West-in-the-studio (read gifted). Community life isn’t easy and the more we pretend that it is the more we set ourselves up for failure. We can still be the greatest ASC community of all time, locally and at large. But it will take faith, and faith involves an awareness of the unintentional, because that’s where God works.

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