Fall Retreat for ASC 28!

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For me, ASC means a partnership. An almost unspoken agreement that as you help students find what they enjoy, push themselves to learn, and discover who they are, they too help you do the same, unknowingly, in return. ASC is more than a post graduate year of service, it is the friendships with fellow ASCs, relationships with faculty and staff, and the bonds with students that call you to do and be at your best so you may serve all to the best of your abilities.   ~  Jason Brown

As a young man, The Alum Service Corps fulfills and unites the two deepest longings of my heart — to be a part of a community, a brotherhood, a family, and to serve a purpose greater than myself. I have spent 18 hour days laboring alongside my fellow ASCs, working and teaching in our schools and community. I have spent long days and
even weeks in reflection and contemplation with my ASC brothers and sisters. Together, we share, we strive, we stumble, we fall, we pick each other up, and we move together, ever onward, ever outward, all in the charitable spirit of purpose and community. The ASC program unites the 13 members of my cohort, binds us together
in who we are and what we do. We are all of us, and each of us, seekers, teachers, students, volunteers. We face classrooms of high schoolers and middle schoolers each day, earnestly learning, eagerly sharing our gifts with our students, our mentors, our fellow educators, our schools, all in the spirit of togetherness.  ~ Peter Lucier

ASC means being open to the beauty of invitation. There is something truly powerful and transformative about giving yourself fully to those you serve and to those with whom you serve. The graces that can come from making the commitment to answer that call are abounding and invaluable.  ~ Sean Hynes

ASC means growth, going outside of my comfort zone while having support to do that. A strong school community filled with role models, mentors, friendships and students who teach me lessons not taught in a textbook. Having friends in new cities and being able to define community in different ways because of that. Giving all you have each day, getting energy from students and fellow colleagues in unexpected moments. Saying yes, while also learning to find balance and caring for you as a whole person.  Developing in ways you wouldn’t have thought of, might be hard sometimes, but every minute being worth it.  ~ Katrina Ludwig

Never have I been so tasked with leadership in a community of people. I am amazed that I am so adaptable as to rise to that occasion; I have come to believe that all people have that adaptability within them. We just need to give ourselves the opportunity. Ultimately, I notice that the more good I do, the more good I become: ASC has let me become the person I have hoped to be.  ~ Ethan Valencia

ASC has provided for me an opportunity to look inward, to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses in the context of service for and with others. I am challenged each day to be mindful of the students, their desires and their compassion – because despite the struggles I know God’s friendship shines through them. My ASC experience has allowed me to grow intellectually and spiritually and I am ever grateful for that.  ~  Matthew Whalen

By saying “yes” to the call of the Alum Service Corps, I have been provided endless opportunities for professional, spiritual, and communal development. Through my experience of serving, teaching, and coaching at Arrupe Jesuit High School, I have learned to shower those around me with love and be continuously open to growth.  ~ Meredith Blatner

The Alum Service Corps is unique both in the specificity of its mission and in the way that our common goal unites us in community. As an ASC volunteer, I am enveloped in communities—the community in which I live, the SLUH community, and my ASC 28 cohort. Through the many challenges of being a first-year teacher – the love and support from these communities has been a great joy.  ~  Justin Seaton

ASC is not only a year of service and a year to give back, it is more than that. ASC is about relationships. Relationships with your cohort and the friendships and memories you form. Relationships with your students and the impact you both have on each other. Relationships with your coworkers and the support they provide you. But most importantly your relationship with God and learning to see Him and feel Him in all things.  ~ Mallory Kummer

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