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Take a minute and breathe.


I would like this blog to be treated as an examen.


We are about to embark on something unknown. Something that has never been done before. Although this statement may sound odd seeing as how we are the 24th year of ASC, it is very much so true.


Consider all we have gone through together. Now consider those moments that have happened since the Denver-bound volunteers boarded their flights, the St. Louis-bound volunteers traveled across the street, and the Kansas City-bound volunteers packed into cars and traveled four hours to their new home.


Take a minute.

Close your eyes and hear the laughter of fellow volunteers — some more boisterous than others and yet all equally beautiful. Remember Molly’s turtle back, Andrew’s win in Mafia, or each time your community cooked dinner together.


What stands out most during these moments? How big was your smile? How small were your worries? How easy it was to be carefree in our Green Hills escape.


Now think about where you are, right now? What memories have you already created with your new community? What teachers have you met who will become mentors? What students have you met who you are already trying to get to know? Which of your strengths do you find yourself relying on and which of your weaknesses do you find yourself hiding or overcompensating for?


Where do you find your God? How hard are you trying to look for Him?


Look back to your desires over the next few days and remind yourself of the goals you wish to reach in both your community life and in your new role as a teacher. Open up that journal that may have been forgotten in those new ASC backpacks and review your thoughts written during our nights together, our story of self, or our expression of our desires.


We are unlike any who have gone before us and any of who will follow. Now go forth and set the world on fire. You are not alone.



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