Dispatched to the Frontier

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Pretty much every morning here in Denver, I ask myself the same question:  how did I get to a place as awesome as Arrupe Jesuit? A month ago I would wake up and drive forty minutes to a job which I had been doing for three years, a job which, though I am incredibly grateful to have learned from, left me unfulfilled, left me empty, left me asleep, metaphorically speaking (also sometimes literally). I applied to ASC seeking a chance to do something meaningful. I told Sean Agniel to send me anywhere that there was a need, and I was subsequently assigned to Arrupe, here in beautiful Colorado.  For a St. Louis native, Denver represented the frontier — the unknown, far away amid the wild mountains, the savage land (unbeknownst to me, Arrupe is in the “Frontier League” for sports, which, for my tale, I thought was incredibly fitting. More plainly, I thought that was a really awesome name for a high school sports league in Colorado). Everything was new to me; I was dispatched to the frontier of my experience.

So — how did I end up here, after three years in the workforce? After such a circuitous path to Denver and Arrupe, I can only conclude that God saw a need for me here. I didn’t even know that I wanted to do something more than administrate an accounting team (my previous job) until three years into said administration. As a Jesuit told me at ASC boot camp, it was a “delayed vocation.” One month in, and I love this job.

Before ASC 24 was launched to the four corners of the US Central and Southern Province (UCS), we were left with a warning: don’t become over-involved; don’t over-extend yourself. That was the least of my concerns; I was wondering how, exactly, I would get involved with the school in the first place. I shouldn’t have worried.

In my first month here, I co-teach English to all of the freshmen, assistant coach the cross country team, and co-moderate the mock trial team. Last Friday, I was at school from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM. And it was, quite literally, a joy. ASC is a place where I can use my gifts and talents to make a difference. The only complaint among faculty here at Arrupe, and, I would assume all of the schools of the province, is that there is never enough time. The days truly fly by — and there is so much more I want to do here, so much more that I feel I can give to the school, so much more I want to be doing for the students.   In the end, though, I love it here for a simple reason: responding to “Mr. Micich, can you help me out?” in the affirmative is one of the best and most rewarding things I have ever done.

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