There and Back Again…An ASC’s tale by (a slightly taller, younger, female) Bilbo Baggins

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ASC 15 - cropped

There and back again. From being a student at an all-girls high school to being a teacher. From skirting around my own school’s uniform rules (quite literally skirting…a staple or two could fix that falling hem line) to questioning the freshman with rubber bands tied to her sandals in a desperate attempt to fit the “back strap” policy of the school.

Reflecting on my experiences as a student and now as a teacher in an all-girls setting, I am in awe of the beauty and strength that is built in these walls by the hands of faculty and administration that care for the entire person and by students who truly embrace what it means to be “women for others”.

Abundant life—God has granted me such an abundant life (John 10:10). I remember hearing this reading soon after my interview with ASC and being filled with overwhelming gratitude for my time at Saint Louis University and the year of ASC ahead of me. Every day at Regis Jesuit High School (Denver, CO), I am reminded of what God grants me in each moment of this abundant life: the “HI MS. FEINBERG” from a student or the faculty member who stops to ask how I am doing.

Trying to find each other at an RJ football game, one of my housemates instructed the other over the phone:

“Locate the sun. It rises in the East and sets in the West. Then apply the ‘Never Eat Soggy Waffles’ method to determine which way is North and South. To find us at the Northwest gate of the stadium, walk in the direction between ‘Never’ and ‘Waffles’…”

…yes. He could have totally just said we were by the weight room. But how often do I perceive God’s instructions and will for me in this way? As a complicated National Treasure scavenger hunt that must be solved? There is tremendous freedom in seeing God’s will as what I experience each day in the young women and the community of Regis Jesuit.

Gracious God, I thank you for this life. For it is truly beautiful. And truly abundant. Amen.

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