Who are We and How is ASC Unique?

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Fall Retreat

First and foremost, we strive to live The Prayer for Generosity more in deeds than in words . . .


Teach us to be generous

Teach us to serve you as you deserve

To give and not to count the cost

To fight and not to heed the wounds

To toil and not to seek for rest

To labor and not to ask for reward . . .

The Prayer for Generosity, while simple, is tough and counter-cultural.  Living in a social climate and challenging economic times that expect us to ask, “What do I get for serving?” we remain humble doing God’s work – finding rewards in many moments of each day – rewards with students . . . and rewards in community.

One wise ASC reflected in her blog, “My aunt put this in perspective for me over coffee and omelets not too long ago.  She said people often tell others to take life one day at a time, but that even a day can seem too big sometimes.  So she said to take it one minute at a time, and I agree.  One minute . . .  one little thing at a time.” One little thing at a time.  We often pause to appreciate in gratitude all that is around us in the moments of a day.

Second we work alongside Jesuits.  Our school communities are strong with the support of teacher mentors who are successful with students in our schools, school coordinators who problem-solve with us, Jesuit superiors who offer spiritual wisdom, and Jesuits who work in the educational trenches.  We pray together, dine together, and help one another – a living and active spirituality that challenges us to find God in all things . . . one little thing at a time.

Third, we work in solidarity with others all over the country.   With six schools in three cities, we bring unique gifts to unique places.  We climb mountains outside Denver.  We cheer at a Royal’s game in Kansas City.  We celebrate over a beer in a microbrewery in St. Louis, and we cry with students in times of distress at social events that try to rip us apart.

We are passionate about seeking solutions to problems in our schools and in our local communities.  We are courageous when we ask questions.  We learn.  We educate.  And we are expansive . . .

While we are at home experiencing our local communities, and we are also at home sharing with one another in the larger ASC network at planned spiritual retreats all over the country. Indeed, the world is our home. It’s who we are!

And as we look to the future, we are excited to welcome a new school into our ASC network:  Cristo Rey Jesuit High School of Houston (TX), in 2016-2017.

Finally, during a year’s journey in Jesuit education, we are ASC volunteers who teach and interact with intelligent, highly-motivated students in academically- rigorous environments.  We teach our students and they challenge us.

Please consider joining ASC for the 2015-2016 academic school year.  Strive to live generously.  Contribute vibrantly to community.  Experience the expansiveness of our program.  And labor with motivated and intelligent students in Jesuit schools. . . save that of knowing you will be doing God’s will!

If you know of someone interested in applying to ASC, please pass along this newsletter.  If you know of colleagues who might know future ASC prospects, please pass along this newsletter.  To apply to ASC please click here.  If you have any questions, see our web page or please contact me.

Pete Musso, Ed.D.

Director | ASC



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