ASC . . . In My Element

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The classical music of 88.1 CPR Classical Radio gently wakes me up at 5:00 am most mornings. I begrudgingly turn off the alarm, make my bed aided by the soft light of my nightstand lamp, and throw on some workout clothes. I grab my three prepacked bags: one for teaching, one for coaching, and one for the morning workout. With hands full I fill up my water bottle, grab my keys and head out the door to Regis Jesuit High School (Denver, CO).  It’s always brisk in the mornings here in Denver; the crisp air helps wake me up and motivates me to attack whatever Miss Lindsay Casas, RJHS Girl’s Division Athletic Trainer and professional butt kicker, has in store for me.

It’s funny that I listen to classical music on the way to school in the morning when I go to work out, but it reminds me of how different my life is … I had wanted so badly this year to make some lifestyle changes, and really take this time to grow and improve myself. I wanted to keep improving myself in many aspects:  faith, fitness, knowledge, and culture. It was all I could think about all summer: how different my life would be, and how much better it would be. Well, as I drive to school under moonlight instead of sunlight, and while the radio plays Concerto for 2 Violins in D by Antonio Vivaldi, it hits me that I really have been given the grace to start living the life I’ve always wanted, and in a way, needed, to live. Everything about this new chapter is refreshing and progressive. All of it has been gifted to me by the Creator.

It is wonderful to see myself enjoying life. I had so many things I wanted to do: write more, try and become published, workout and eat better, deepen and practice more intentionally my faith, take up photography, be more present and unplug more. All of these things have begun to take shape. I write daily, I’ve started to take up photography, I’m going on hikes, I’ve submitted work to be published in London and at some notable literary magazines, I’ve started to get a consistent workout regimen and I feel great! I pray a rosary during third period every day and can attend mass almost every day. Life really has been enjoyable and I really have been relishing the graces given to me to pursue these opportunities for joy and personal development.

On a different note, I have been pleasantly surprised by my success as a teacher. I absolutely love my Spanish 1 class. They are so fun and really take an interest in the material. They are the class I look forward to the most. Subbing, with all its challenges, has been enjoyable, too. I just really enjoy being in the classroom and I live for those “ah ha!” moments; it is truly a rewarding feeling.

Coaching goalkeepers, my biggest passion, has been unbelievable. I just cannot explain how much I am enjoying it. Our team chaplain, Fr. Eric Ramirez, S.J., often hangs out with the goalkeepers during training (because we are the most fun to watch) and one day after I had run the keepers through a drill and had explained some technical points, he just shook his head and said, “Wow, you are really in your element.” And that profoundly moved me, such a simple comment. I am in my element, and thank God for this opportunity.

I’m excited to check back in in a few months after things have really picked up. Until then…

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