About Us

Alum Service Corps volunteers serve for a year as volunteer faculty members in Jesuit middle and high schools throughout Denver, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Members of ASC live in community, commit to growth in the Ignatian tradition, and serve their students out of gratitude for their Jesuit education.

RJ1112_ASC_Faculty__22__KelleherTypically, ASC volunteers teach two or three sections in an area of competence and immerse themselves throughout the life of the school: coaching, tutoring, club moderating, service programs, campus ministry. ASC volunteers support students from a unique position and offer them a model of the Graduate at Graduation.


The program was founded in 1991 as a collaborative endeavor between the Missouri Province (as of July 31, 2014 the U.S. Central and Southern Province) and the high schools of the province. Since that time the province opened Loyola Academy Middle School, a Girls Division within Regis Jesuit High School, and Arrupe Jesuit High School in Denver. ASC volunteers currently serve in all three of these schools, as well as the high schools that helped to found the program. Read more about the schools here.


Spirituality-DSC_1272ASC volunteers are regarded as members of the faculty at the schools where they are sent. You might say that ASC volunteers are “in the school but not of the school.” ASC volunteers provide a witness of generosity in which they wish to share and grow through their integration of Ignatian service and spirituality. This takes on a number of different forms, but the most significant are the weekly community nights (Mass and dinner) with the Jesuits and the three weekend retreats spread through the academic year. On these retreats ASC volunteers from all the schools gather together to reflect on their experiences, share stories, and seek to notice God at work through their Ignatian service.


ASC volunteers live in an intentional community at a residence provided by their respective schools. With each community consisting of 3-4 volunteers, and each person with a full and unique set of responsibilities at the school, schedules vary from person to person. All school activities are set aside for the weekly community night with the Jesuits. Beyond that evening the ASC community discerns a common understanding for what they will intentionally do to cultivate community with their fellow ASC volunteers, e.g. common meals, prayer, outings, etc.